This is a non-fictional story involving 2 teens and sex. If this offends you then piss off.

My name is Tuff Guy. I'm 36 years old and I live in Europa. I'm about 6'2 tall and fairly built. I have darken hair and brown eyes. I started puberty at about 11 so I'm fairly "mannish" My cock is 5" un-erect and about 8" when erect. Don't think I'm lieing my dad told me our family has a line of big cocks. I first knew I was gay when I was 13 and a Gay porn site with gay piss, pop-up came up on my screen. I was lost in the erotic pictures of the men just sucking and fucking each other in the ass. From then on I loved showing things up my ass. I even went out and got someone to buy me a dildo. I told them it was for my girlfriends birthday. Wasn't I lucky when he got a vibrating dildo ;)

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We were on our summer break from school and the heat was unbearable. We had a power failure so I couldn't put on the air-con. I was so bored! I couldn't go on the internet or watch TV or do anything!! It was too hot to go outside and we don't have a pool so you could imagine what I would have been like.

I got a txt from my friend Andrei asking me if I wanted to come to his place coz his house was still up and running. I didn't say no to an air-con so i walked for about 30 mins to his place. Andrei was about 5"8 with light brown hair but he dyed it black. He was brown eyes and a nice body. When I got there I was thirsty as hell! He offered me a glass of water and I said "fuck yea im dieing here!"

It felt good to finally get into some air-conditioning. The cool breeze running over my face. Ahh I was in heaven!!!!! We sat down and watched some TV.

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"Where is everyone Andrei" I asked

"Well mum and dad are working and Beth is in QLD at the moment so im by myself"

"Fuck I wish I could be home alone sometimes"

"What so you can have a good wank?" Andrei laughed

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When he said that i realized that I hadn't actually jacked off for about a week. I'm not lazy it's just too bloody hot! Andrei then went and turned the air-cond up coz even though it was hot his house felt like the arctic!

While he was doing that I thought I might just go through his draws and I found something that I loved! I pulled out a Gay Porn DVD. Andrei came in just as I was reading the title.


"shesh calm down man I don't care if your gay"

"OH yeah? what makes you think I'm gay?" He said

I showed him the DVD i found. His face was like "shit!" I asked Andrei to come sit beside me on his KING SIZED bed. I put the DVD back into his draw and shut it. Andrei was really embarrassed at this point in time and I found it really cute. I noticed that Andrei hadn't shaved in at least 2 days at this point in time for some reason. I hadn't shaved for 2 either so yeh we both had a bit of facial hair at the time.

"You know Andrei, it's not the worst thing being gay you know"

"What would you know?! Chicks are all over you!"

"Yeh but I don't want any of them"

This made Andrei look up.

"Are you telling me that your gay too?"

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I nodded my head at Andrei. His face grew to a smile and he obviously was happy knowing that he wasn't the only one. I was so happy too. Now I might be able to try the things I saw on the internet as long as Andrei wanted to as well.

"So Andrei, are you up for some Gay Sex?"

I asked him Andrei was eye to eye with me now.

"You fucking bet I am!"


I brought my mouth to Andrei's and suddenly I was lost in the taste of his spit and how our tounges met. I've never felt such passion in something. I layed him on the bed as we continued to kiss and I was on top of him as we kissed. I stopped after about a minute or 2 and looked at him.

"This is gonna be the most kinkiest sex your ever gonna have!"

He looked at me and winked and i knew that was an acceptance. I took off his Shirt and revealed his tanned body. Andrei had some chest hair and a fair bit of hair around his belly button. I went down to his armpits and started to kiss the hair on both of his armpits. Andrei moaned in joy. I then kissed my way down to the hair around his belly-buttoned and started to lick that area. Andrei was enjoying this i couldĀ“n tell. I sat up and then took off his shorts and left him lying on the bed in his satin Superman Boxers. His boner made his boxers really tight so i pulled them down and sniffed them then threw them on the floor. His cock was about 8" and very nice. The heat made his cock smell so good! I couldn't believe how lucky I was to finally be able to do this!

I started to fondle his balls as I slowly went down and his dick with my mouth. The moment my lips touched the head of it Andrei moaned so loud I loved it! I sucked his cock and fell in love with the taste. I continued to suck for about another minute and then i stopped. I asked him to roll over so I could like his arse. He didn't say no to that. He had so much hair on his ass and i fucken loved every bit of it! I stuck my tongue between his cheeks and i was surprised that it didn't taste bad. In fact it tasted AWSOME!! i continued to lick his arse and then realized I was still fully clothed.

"it's my turn" Andrei announced.

He layed me down on his bed and took off my shirt. He went directly to my armpit hair also and started fondling me through my jeans. He un-did my jeans and threw them on the floor. I layed there in my Scooby Doo boxers with a full boner as he felt up my legs. He took off my boxers and sucked me for a while. I could not believe what a great feeling it would be to get your dick sucked! fuck i wanted this so bad!! he stopped sucking my cock and leant over me to his draws. He pulled out a condom and was about to put it over his dick when i said

"No Andrei, Don't use a condom, just go right in"

Andrei threw the condom on the floor and spread my butt cheeks apart. I really wanted rough sex so I told him don't enter me slowly just shove it in and go at me hard. Andrei showed his whole 8" dick in my arse so fast and was pounding me like i was worthless! This felt so good and I was moaning so loud. It hurt so much but felt so fucken great at the same time. My legs were in the air while Andrei was fucking me so hard I started to cry a little. He didn't stop and thats what I liked. After about 10 mins of this Andrei pulled out and Jacked off for about 10 secs and He came all over my chest and face. I counted 10 Squirts of long, hot, thick, juicky cum and it was all for me.

Andrei was not finished

"Tuff Guy, I want you to fuck me like I just fucked you and I want you to cum in my arse!"

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We swapped positions and I slammed my massive dick right up his arse. I fucked away for so long and Andrei loved it so much. He was screaming and Jacking his cock and he even came again before me. He tensed up and shot another hot load. Not as big as the first but still pretty good for a second one in less than 15 mins. As he tensed up his arse closed in on my dick making it feel so much good. I screamed "FUCK OH YEA HERE I GO!! OH SHIIIIIT!!!!!!" I had at least a 20 second orgasm and it felt so good. I shot so much cum and Andrei even told me he could feel me cumming inside of him. When I finally pulled out my dick all this cum ran out of his arse and i put as much as I could into my mouth. I went over to Andrei and started to kiss him with my cum still i my mouth. Andrei then went back down and sucked my dick. It took about 20 mins but I came again and it was also a huge load. He did the same and kissed me with my cum in his mouth.

"Andrei follow me I wanna do something else"

Andrei followed me to his shower where I knelt in front of him

"What are you doing?" He asked

"I want you to piss all over me. I told you this was kinky"

Andrei pissed all over me. His warm urine ran down my face and chest and it was so nice I wanted it to last long. I put my mouth over his cock while he was still pissing and drank some. It didn't taste too good but I still wanted kinky Gay Sex and this is what i was getting. Andrei then knelt on the floor and I pissed on him. He also drank some of it. We then had a shower together and got cleaned up.

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We got out and the phone rang and his parents said that they wouldn't be getting home to about midnight as they had this party to go to. I rang my parents and told them I was crashing at Andrei for the night.

We had tea and went to bed at about 3am. When we woke up at about 11 I had a message on my phone saying "be home by 12 we are going to see your grandma" fuck! that wasn't enough time for sex! Andrei had another idea

We put on the boxers we were wearing yesterday and Andrei jacked me off inside of them and I jacked him off. We both came in our boxers and I guess that was enough for me.

"Ok lets swap boxers and wear them all day and all tomorrow and come back on Thursday for some more kinky sex" Andrei explained

I came back on Thursday Andrei boxers had definately obtained my crotch smell and my boxers had Andrei crotch smell. We had another good round of kinky sex and i came all over Andrei face and He came in my ass this time.

Andrei and I continue to have sex every weekend to this date. It has been a year since our first kinky sex and I don't think it will stop for a long time!

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